There are a number of fireball and meteor research groups in Australia.

The Desert Fireball Network is one of these projects – an automated meteor tracking camera network which will in years to come be watching the skies above one third of Australia. Fireballs in the Sky is a citizen science initiative that allows everyone to share the discoveries of the Desert Fireball Network. On our website you can see a research project as it happens, download the free smartphone app to provide your own data, and experience the highs (and the occasional lows) as we experience them.


Key People

Fireballs_DFN_Logo_-white-background.fw_-300x176Desert Fireball Network: Project lead Prof Phil Bland, manager Dr Martin Towner, Geology team:Dr Gretchen Benedix, Lucy Forman, Luke Daly, Software team: Martin Cupak, Ellie Sansom, Engineering team: Jonathon Paxman, Robert Howie, Astronomy: Hadrien Devillepoix, Outreach: Jay Ridgewell

Meteor modelling: Jonty Horner