Alex Bevan

Alex Bevan

Dr Alex Bevan is Head of Earth & Planetary Sciences at the WA Museum, an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Imaging and Applied Physics at Curtin University, and past President of the Royal Society of Western Australia. Alex’s research focuses on meteoritics and planetary science, and the early history of the Solar System. His wider research interests extend to mineralogy, metallurgy, materials science and impact cratering.

After graduating in 1972 from University College London, he worked briefly at the Geological Society of London, and then for 13 years at the British Museum (Natural History) before emigrating to Australia in 1985 to take up his current position. At the BMNH he completed a PhD on the Metallurgy of Meteorites under the joint University of London/Government Laboratories scheme. The work involved periods of research at Manchester University, and Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. At the W A Museum he established a programme (WAMET) of meteorite recovery from the Nullarbor Region. The new material has expanded knowledge of early Solar System materials, and opened up new lines of research, including the innovative use of ancient stony meteorite falls to interpret past climatic change through weathering studies.


Research area(s) Meteoritics, Metallurgy, Impact cratering, Shock-metamorphism, Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry.


Tel: (08) 9212 3710

Institution: Western Australian Museum