Andy Tomkins

Andy and the Monash meteorite searching team of 2015

Andy and the Monash meteorite searching team of 2015

I have been leading an annual meteorite recovery expedition to Australian Deserts (mainly the Nullarbor Plain) since 2007. These expeditions have recovered over 180 meteorites.

I have a background in metamorphic and igneous petrology, structural geology and economic geology, and I apply my expertise in these fields to observations in meteorites to understand processes that occurred in asteroids. For example, I use the textures in highly metamorphosed stony meteorites to understand metamorphic evolution, particularly partial melting and the processes that cause separation of metal and iron sulfide from silicate minerals to form cores. But I have a broad range of interests and my students and I have investigated the significance of ancient micrometeorites for understanding the early Earth, microenvironments for life on Mars, the thermal evolution of asteroids, redox processes in asteroids and impact craters on Earth.

Research area(s) Planetesimal metamorphism, core formation, thermal evolution of asteroids, early Earth


Tel: +61-3-99051643

Institution: Monash University