Christian J. Renggli

Christian-Renggli Chris started his PhD on lunar and terrestrial volcanic gases at the Research School of Earth Sciences (RSES) at the Australian National University in March 2014.

He is originally from Bern in Switzerland where he did a Bachelors degree in earth sciences before moving to Munich, Germany, where he completed a Masters degree on geomaterials and geochemistry with a focus on volcanology.

At RSES Chris is studying volcanic gases on Earth and ancient ones from the Moon and is interested in how the gases behave, what they are made of and how they transport metals. His research involves modelling, high temperature experiments and the analysis of natural samples. In his free time Chris plays the Cello and performs with orchestras and chamber music groups.

Research area(s) Lunar volcanoes, geochemistry, experimental Petrology


Institution: The Australian National University