Jonti Horner

Jonti-Horner-circle.fw_My main research interests include the search for planets orbiting other stars (exoplanets), the formation and evolution of our Solar system, and the nature of habitability – what factors come together to make a given planet (like the Earth) more or less suitable for the development and survival of life. For more details on my work, check out my research page, which provides links to my publications.

I’m also a keen amateur astronomer and astrophotographer, and love introducing and explaining the many beautiful sights in the night sky to anyone who’s interested. When I used to live in the UK,  I organised regular astronomy outreach events and gave talks to a wide variety of audiences – including youth groups (Brownies, Guides, Scouts), adults with learning difficulties, and amateur astronomical societies. I have continued to be heavily involved in outreach since my move to Australia, writing regular articles for the excellent science website TheConversation, and giving regular talks to a variety of audiences. For more details, check out my Outreach page.

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Research area(s) Exoplanets, habitability, astronomy


Institution: University of Southern Queensland