Rachel Kirby

Rachel Kirby

Rachel Kirby with the Henbury IIIAB Iron Meteorite


Rachel Kirby is a PhD student at the Research School of Earth Sciences (RSES) at the Australian National University.  She began her undergraduate degree at the University of Wollongong before transferring to the ANU.  In 2014 she graduated with First Class Honours in a Bachelor of Science (Advanced), receiving the University Medal for her research on IIE Iron Meteorites.

Rachel’s PhD focuses on the role of gas-solid-melt reactions in the formation of Early Solar System materials.  She does this by studying meteorites and using computer modelling.  Using these findings she then hopes to synthesise her own “meteorites” by recreating Early Solar System conditions in the laboratory.

When not at RSES, Rachel loves to spend her free time bushwalking, camping and playing netball.

Research area(s) Meteorites, geochemistry, experimental petrology

Email: rachel.kirby@anu.edu.au

Institution: The Australian National University