Renae Sayers

Through her Planetary Science Outreach role at Curtin University, she coordinates Fireballs in the Sky – the outreach arm of the Desert Fireball Network and grows the Australian Planetary Science community with NASA through the Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute.

Renae Sayers is an international Science Communicator and believes great science goes hand in hand with great communication. An email to NASA as a 16-year-old kick started her journey through a degree in Astrophysics and onwards to a career Science Outreach.

Renae facilitates people and organisations to connect their message with their audience in the most powerful and compelling way. Her experience spans 12 years, working with science centres, festival organisations, universities and local communities in the UK, Japan, Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Singapore and across Australia. She’s performed explosive science shows around the world, brought professors into the pub, and connects researchers and students together to see the world in a different light.

Renae is passionate about showcasing the significance of science and raising the profile of STEM to the public and policymakers alike.

FameLab 2016 Judges
FameLab 2016 Judges: Professor Mark Cassidy, British Council Australia Director Helen O’Neil and Renae Sayers. Credit: British Council Australia.

Research area(s) Science Communication, Education and Public Outreach


Tel: + 61 9622 7170

Institution: Curtin University