Shannon McConachie

Shannon McConachie started their PhD at the Australian National University (ANU) in 2016. They also completed their Bachelor of Science and Honours in Earth Science at the ANU. Their Honours project, ‘The Effect of Low Temperatures on the Mid-Infrared Spectra of Organic Compounds Present in Carbonaceous Chondrites’, received the 2015 VSSEC-NASA Australian Space Prize for the Geology & Planetary Geology category.

Their PhD, ‘Formation of Sulfates on a Dry Mars’, focuses on the impact formation of sulfates on Mars and the implications this has for the history of water on Mars. This will involve high temperature and impact experiments.

When not busy at university Shannon enjoys sewing, reading and hanging out with friends.

Shannon McConachie received the VSSEC-NASA Australian Space Prize for best geology and planetary geology Honours thesis in 2015

Research area(s) - Mars geochemistry and mineralogy - Asteroid spectral properties - Detecting extraterrestrial life & evidence of the origin of life


Institution: The Australian National University (ANU)